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eggshell Finlandia Series for iPhone 4

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eggshell Finlandia Series for iPhone 4 is a collection of seven case designs which are light and thin as an eggshell, and add a layer of protection to iPhone without adding additional weight or bulk. The seven patterns were developed by Finnish born designer Juho Viitasalo, with each graphical pattern being an abstract representation of nature in Finland. All the names are easy to remember words in the Finnish language.

Taimi is inspired by the Finnish visual heritage and the winter aurora. The name stands for a young seedling tree which is full of energy and represents a new beginning.

Aika means time. The concept of time goes hand-in-hand with the Finnish seasons. The white represents the nightless summer nights when the time seems to stop. The green represents the flourishing summer nature.

Sade means rain and is inspired by the aesthetics of the Finnish crafts. In Finland the summer rain is warm and gentle. In autumn, rain mixes wonderfully with the colors of the leaves.

Nuppu takes its inspiration from traditional Finnish fabric weaving. The name means bud and symbolizes the new life that spring brings along after the winter.

Kukka means flower. This warm design symbolizes the Finnish nature, flower fields and sunshine after a cold winter. Flowers are a common source of inspiration for Finnish designers and artists.

Kesa means summer. Summer is welcomed with great joy after the winter and the fresh breezes of the spring.  The pattern is inspired by the traditional Finnish textile designs celebrating the summer.

Lumi means snow. In the wintertime the Finnish nature is covered with powder snow which is made of an infinite amount of these beautiful flakes. This pattern is inspired  by the beautiful and magical snow flakes.

【Juho Viitasalo】
Juho is a Finnish industrial designer based in Japan. His work reflects the interchange of Finnish design tradition and international influence. Juho has worked with projects ranging from lifestyle products to aerospace and device design at NASA. He has also lived in Sweden and Denmark and spent long periods of time in other countries.

Wallpaper to match the eggshell Finlandia design is available on the TUNEWEAR website for downloading to iPhone or a desktop computer.

Package contents:

  • eggshell Finlandia for iPhone 4 case x 1
  • TUNEFILM protective film x 1
  • Cleaning cloth x 1
  • Squeegee x 1
  • Cable winder stand x 1

Size: 60.4 (W)×116.8(H)×9.6(D)mm
 Weight: approximately 9g
  Material: Polycarbonate


iPhone 4



  • Taimi (red)
  • Aika (green)
  • Sade (purple)
  • Nuppu (blue)
  • Kukka (yellow)
  • Kese (pink)
  • Lumi (light blue)


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