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TUNEWEAR announces JOGPOCKET for Smartphones

Tokyo, Japan (December 07, 2012) - TUNEWEAR™ (www.tunewear.com) announces JOGPOCKET for Smartphones, a sports waist pouch for holding a smartphone during jogging and exercising activities.


JOGPOCKET for Smartphones

JOGPOCKET for Smartphones is a case made out of neoprene material for Smartphones/iPhone/iPod touch. It comes with an elastic waistband to allow attaching to your waist. The waistband can be adjusted to fit different sizes. The neoprene material used is light and durable, and will protect your Smartphones/iPhone/iPod touch from dirt and scratches.

JOGPOCKET for Smartphones has a transparent screen on its front side. This both protects and allows for full control and viewing of your Smartphones/iPhone/iPod touch screen for watching movies, slideshows and checking song selections.

The front face is also outlined with light reflective material to assist you to be seen in low light conditions such as when jogging at night.

JOGPOCKET for Smartphones is compatible with the “Nike iPod Sports Kit” and is ideal for listening to your Smartphones/iPhone/iPod touch while jogging or exercising. The wireless sensor from the “Nike iPod Sports Kit” can be stored in a pocket on the case when it is not being used. This pocket can be used to store small accessories such as earrings. JOGPOCKET for Smartphones is a must have item for individuals with an active lifestyle.

JOGPOCKET for Smartphones is available in Black, Blue and Pink colors.

JOGPOCKET for Smartphones web page

What's included:
JOGPOCKET for Smartphones case

Size: approx 80(H) × 220(W) × 4(D)mm
Weight: approx 45g

Colors available:

iPhone 5
iPhone 4S
iPhone 4
iPhone 3GS

iPhone 3G
iPod touch 5G

iPod touch 4G

iPod touch 3G

iPod touch 2G

iPod touch 1G
Galaxy S III
Galaxy S II
Smartphones and mobile devices

Pricing and Availability
JOGPOCKET for Smartphones ($24.95) is now available for purchase at the TUNEWEAR Online Store (http://www.tunewear.com/). Please contact worldwideinfo@tunewear.com for more details.

Since 2003, TUNEWEAR has been making functional and stylish iPhone and iPod cases and accessories. With offices in Japan, Hong Kong, and California, TUNEWEAR designs are inspired by all of the places that we live and work. For more information, visit www.tunewear.com

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